Sunday, February 18, 2007

Geoff Hurst for England (v West Germany), 30th July 1966

For those of you who appreciate the quality and biting satire of this site (ahem), you are now in good company.

Yesterday, the sparkly Cheer Up Alan Shearer site was listed here.

Of all the shiny football websites in all the countries of all the world (etc) we are the Guardian's pick of footie websites.

Thank you darlings. Champagne for *everyone*.....!

(thanks very much to Skif for the link)


SwissToni said...

just after we bigged up the Guardian's sport's blog (witness the first post below this one)?



Ben said...

Congratulations chaps!

adem said...

Well done guys!

El Tel said...

Well done, much deserved.

weenie said...

Well done - keep up the good work!