Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Angel di Maria for Argentina (v Nigeria), 23 August 2008

So, the Argentinians retain their Olympic football title.

Anyone interested? No, me neither. If it's not the biggest prize in your sport, it shouldn't be in the Olympics. Save us a parochial debate about a GB football team for 2012 and just take the damn sport out of the Olympics altogether. It shouldn't be there as it is.


SwissToni said...

hear hear.

And that applies to things like tennis, basketball and baseball too.

The whole debate about a GB team is interesting though as it drives out all those stupid insecurities on behalf of the home unions whereby they fear that putting up a few people for a British team will threaten their statuses as individual nations within FIFA. And you get people like Alex Salmond trying to gain national polical mileage out of his outraged stance that Scotland should NOT TAKE PART.


Get rid. End of debate.

What the hell were players like Messi and Ronaldinho doing out there anyway?

Paul said...

Completely agree. Calls for cricket to be included should also fall on deaf ears for similar reasons.

Let's get some more women's cycling in there instead.

Shane said...

I'm with you, too.
Take football out, and replace it with Olympic Crabbing. I'd suggest Aberdyfi, mid-Wales, for a venue. Competitors would lose points for landing fish. Olympic Crabbing - not Olympic Fishing.