Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ashley Cole for Chelsea (v Tottenham Hotspur), 20 September 2009

Cheer Up Alan Shearer's Top 10 TV Football Moments

4. All The Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

John Motson is 64, you know. If you'd ask me, mind, I'd have said that due to his increasingly inconsistent commentary he was nearer 75. We love a bit of Motty, but he's been gradually losing the plot as he has aged, and his increasingly hyperbolic commentary has led me to race into my living room at many a time only for someone to have won a boring corner.

Still, the man is a living football legend and my favourite piece of commentary from the overcoat-wearing loon happened a mere couple of weeks ago in the Chelsea v Spurs Premier League clash.

You have to fast forward this clip to 1 min 22 seconds in, and apologies for the Match of the Day 2 chortling in the background. Chiles may have it right, though - I do think Motty got his tackle caught in his Y-fronts as Aaron Lennon is bearing down on the Chelsea goal, here.

This has not yet failed to make me laugh out loud, this clip. God love you, Motty.

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