Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Ruud van Nistelrooy for Manchester United (v Blackburn Rovers), 25 January 2006

So, I have today turned down the opportunity to go to this weekends Carling Cup Final at the Milennium Stadium. I have my daughter this weekend and as I am not seeing her next weekend (more about that soon) I didn't want to spend all day Sunday in Cardiff.

And so, my brother and my mum are off to see the United v Wigan game instead. I have been to a Carling Cup Final - I was a corporate guest at the 2003 Final when United lost 2-0 to Liverpool so I am not that disappointed - but I'd have certainly gone had I not had the nipper.

So why the photo of Dermot Gallagher? I hear no-one cry. Alan Wiley is referring this seasons Final...!

Dermot and Alan are pals. Dermot was supposed to be going to Cardiff on Sunday to support his mate Alan. Dermot forgot to book the weekend off work and has been rota-d to ref the Liverpool game this weekend instead. He therefore had two tickets for the Final that he couldn't use. My brother works with a lady called Liz Gallagher who is Dermot's ex-wife. Apparently, Dermot and Liz are still on reasonable terms even though they are divorced and he offered her the tickets. She knew my brother was a United fan, and so she gave him first refusal on the tickets.

So, technically, I could have been in Dermot Gallagher's seat for the Cup Final.



SwissToni said...

...and in case the FA are reading this, I'm sure the sale of the tickets was all completely kosher.



El Tel said...

*wonders what an ex-wife of Dermot Gallagher would look like...* Nope, no image is forthcoming.