Sunday, July 02, 2006

Glenn Hoddle for England (vs Bulgaria), 22 November 1979's not all bad news though. Glenn Hoddle has resigned as manager of Wolves.

The Premiership parachute payments have now ended, forcing the club to begin a series of financial cut-backs, starting with the sale of Joleon Lescott to Everton for £5m. Kenny Miller has already left for Celtic, and other first team players seem certain to follow him out of the door. As a result, apparently Hoddle has now decided that the club's ambitions no longer match his own and has quit.

All I would say is that Hoddle should take a long hard look at his achievements (or lack of achievement) during his time at the club, and ask himself why the club have had to cut their cloth. He arrived in December 2004 when the club still had the bones of the squad that took them into the Premiership. What did he actually do for the club? Under Hoddle, Wolves finished 9th in 2004/5 and finished 7th in 2005/6.... 8 points and a million miles away from Crystal Palace and the last playoff slot. For all his reputation and astonishingly high opinion of his own talents, Hoddle achieved bugger all at Wolves and now apparently has the cheek to try to blame the club's "lack of ambition" for his own failures.

Good riddance. Time for a manager who can focus on the task in hand and not spend all his time linking himself with other jobs..

.... please God not Paul Ince.


Footblogger said...

Can't help feeling you were a touch harsh on Hod, Swiss.

It's the underlying lie trotted out when any team is relegated from the Premiership, that if you keep the bulk of the squad together you should bounce back. Wolves were lucky to be promoted under Jones, and were poor in the Premiership.

You can't polish a turd, as I think Plato once said.

SwissToni said...

sadly, that's fair comment. That should be the wolves motto that.

Bugger "out of darkness cometh light". How about "you can't polish a turd"?