Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Brian McBride for the USA (vs Panama), 8th June 2005

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It's not a World Cup without a Panini sticker album, is it?

I've been doing one every tournament since 1982, and I'm not going to let the fact that I am 32 years old get in the way of adding Germany 2006 to the list.

One of the key problems facing the older collector is that access to the thriving playground swapsies markets is no longer practical. Sure you have more money to buy stickers, but finishing off albums becomes more problematic without some hard bartering. At the last World Cup, I got around this tricky issue by persuading most of my mates and many of my colleagues at work to start their own collections. Album finished. Job done.

I thought that this year I would try something different..... how about we have a online swapsies forum right here?

I'm not quite sure how this is going to work. Maybe once a week, I'll stick a post up here, and we can try and have a bit of a bartering session in the comments? I'm happy to act as intermediary for addresses and so on if that's necessary?

Shall we give it a go?

Here's my current list of swapsies:

170 - Argentinian foily badge (are these still worth two?)
277 - Ferydoon Zandi (Iran)
357 - Brian McBride (USA)
357 - Brian McBride (USA)
370 - Karel Poborsky (Czech Republic)
393 - Ronaldinho (Brazil)

Any offers?

**update** would this be considered cheating?


El Tel said...

You're in too deep.
(Highly amused though)

Anonymous said...

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Ben said...

My mate Matt's a teacher in Ilkeston and he's got a couple of colleagues doing it. All the kids thought it was childish at first, but now they're all well into it. Perhaps I could pass him your email address if he's got any swapsies?

weenie said...

I completed the France 1998 one but didn't get one for the Korea/Japan finals.

You think there will be a sticker for Theo Walcott?

Am sorely tempted - if I spot the album this weekend, I'm going to have to buy it.

Nice idea about swapsies here.

weenie said...

And yeah, foiley badge stickers I think should still be worth two.

adem said...

You can order any ones you need direct from Panini [the address is at the back of the album.]

my swapsies are;
Tim Cahill
Craig Moore
Tomas Galasek x2
Steve Cherundolo
Danijel Ljuboja
Henrik Larrson
Densill Theobold
Jose Cardozo
Julio Cesar Caceres
Patrick Owomoyela

I have got a few mates doing the album so have been doing swapsies with them.

Mike said...

As to whether that box of 100 packets for 22 quid is cheating: it probably is, but imagine the sheer thrill of being able to open 100 packets all in one go! I haven't done a sticker album since the early 1980s, but I can still remember that opening my one packet a week was the highlight of the week.

Anonymous said...

i got my book just now but discovered to my horror that they've sold out of all the stickers and there wont be any for another WEEK whilst they're being shipped over....what're they on!?

They should be airlifting that stuff out and parachuting them into town....

...in the meantime I'm left to leaf around the empty book wondering what everyone looks like...

got any spare stickers you can mail over to get me started?