Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Kieron Richardson for Manchester United (v Charlton Athletic), 7 May 2006

I am mindful that the content of CUAS (predictions aside) has been a bit variable over recent months, and so over the next few weeks we will be launching a number of ongoing features which I hope will be interesting and for which I am enlisting your help.

First up will be a World Cup Predictions League, starting on 7th June. If you woudl like to play, can you drop me an e-mail to my address in my Lord Bargain profile before the end of May and I will add you to the list. Everyone is welcome, whether or not you have been playing Premiership predictions this season! What I may do depending on numbers is split everyone into little groups like the World Cup itself and have a knockout tournament - more details nearer the time.

Also returning will be our regular tribute to great players. Rather than contributors eulogising about their "favourite player" (which restricts everyone's contribution to one player only), it will return as "players I love....." which will enable us to use multiple contributions from individuals. Again, if anyone would like to write some regular pieces about players new and old that they like (they don't have to be great players - you just have to love them!) then drop me an e-mail.

Finally, and I make no bones about this, I have borrowed a feature from the music blog of one of our regular CUAS readers. You may or may not know that Ben from "Black And White And Read All Over" also has a great music blog here. Over recent months, guest writers have been discussing "The A to Z of Music" with short pieces about any subject matter they like as long as it fits with that week's letter of the alphabet.

With Ben's permission, The A to Z of Football will begin here over the next few weeks. It would be great if we could have as many people contribute as possible - either every week or as the time and inclination takes you. What does the letter "a" mean to you in footballing terms? Arsene Wenger? Anfield? Arthur Albiston? Albanian corners sailing over David Seaman's head? Ashton Gate? The choice is always yours (although I bag Abel Xavier for "x"......)

So, please drop me an e-mail via the Lord B profile and let's see if we can get loads of people involved in some of these new features, eh? You know you want to.


Ben said...

I feel a bit like a TV exec whose idea has hit paydirt and is now being duplicated elsewhere (except the A-Z wasn't my idea in the first place, of course...)!

Definitely up for the predictions league and the A-Z - keep me posted.

Dom said...

Sent u an email mate - but basically same as Ben up for both!

El Tel said...

I'm onside. A-Z email/s will be forthcoming over the next week or so.