Monday, May 15, 2006

Steven Gerrard for Liverpool (v West Ham United), 13 May 2006

The Official Inaugural Cheer Up Alan Shearer Premiership Predictions League Results

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, for the long-awaited results of the first CUAS predictions league. It was a close-run contest, and thanks to everyone for taking the time week in, week out, to gleefully roll a dice, put your finger in the air and guess some random results.

Without further ado, in reverse order:

13. Adamant - 5
12. Adem - 19
11. Flash - 144
10. Dom - 178
9. Sarah - 210
8. Mike - 226
7. Alex - 232
6. Ben - 240
5. Weenie - 264
4. Charby - 292
3. El Tel - 299

1= Swiss T - 304
1= Lord B - 304

....and if I apply the "five points for correctly predicting a team in the FA Cup Final" bonus, I seem to have scored an additional 5 points (for predicting Liverpool) and so the end results are:

2. Swiss T - 304
1. Lord B - 309

I will accept that the fact that we two write the blog that at least we are here every week and so I guess it is a modicum of talent mixed with a large "we remembered to do it every week" that gave us those results....

So, me, Swiss, Tel and Charby go into the Champions League, Weenie and Ben go into the UEFA Cup, Alex into the Inter-Toto and a special mention to Flash who, considering he invented this game, would ordinarily slip ignominiously into Division One.....

Anyway, thanks again one and all, and the World Cup Predictions League will be here from the first week of June.

*pops bottle of champers*


SwissToni said...


I demand a recount. Especially that week with the really long and involved international fixture list.....


Lord Bargain said...

*blows raspberry*

Flash said...

Well done Lordy B!

In my defense, I missed loads of goes when I was in France. I was shite before I went though.
I'll show you next year!

Sarah said...

Yup - well done & thanks for keeping up with the hard sums every week Lord B.

If only we could all have shown such dedication - perhaps it would have been a closer competition... as Flash says - bring on next year!

Charby said...


Gutted! My mid season slump went on too long, I will have a full investigation before the world cup and return even more determinded to win!

El Tel said...

Well done fellas, you deserved it. Strength in depth and all that. Pats on backs to everyone else too. And a Champions League spot for Tel, eh... I feel an Everton moment coming on.

Looking forward to World Cup finals predictions.

Ben said...

UEFA Cup! Woo-hoo! The prospect of European competition next season will enable me to keep hold of the most sought-after staff in my predicting team...

SwissToni said...

charbs - very Charlton....

weenie said...

A belated well done and thanks for organising this.