Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Frank Ribery for France (vs Spain), 27th June 2006

...what do you mean there's no bloody football on today? what the hell am I supposed to do now? watching Property Ladder and Gordon Ramsey on the telly is no bloody consolation.... (well, unless they're showing Switzerland vs Ukraine again on the other side).



Predictions time:

Remember that we're looking for the score at 90 minutes here, although you should have a stab at saying who you think will go through to the next round for bonus points.

Germany 2 - 2 Argentina (with Argentina going through)
Italy 2 - 0 Ukraine
Brazil 1 - 1 France (with France squeaking through)
England 1 - 1 Portugal (in a triumph of hope over experience, England to go through)

And I also need your predictions for the two finalists.

Mine? Italy and France.... well, it might happen, right?


SwissToni said...

...and Lord B (on a corporate jolly somewhere) says:

Germany 2-1 Argies
Italy 2-0 Ukraine
Brazil 2-2 France (france to go through)
England 1-0 Portugal

finalists: us and the Germans

Sarah said...

Look, stop having a pop at the Switzerland v Ukraine game - you had to be there.... ahem.

Anyway...finger in the air again:

Germany 1 - 2 Argentina
Italy 3 - 0 Ukraine
Brazil 2 - 1 France
England 2 - 2 Portugal (England to go, really!)

Argentina and England(!)

El Tel said...

Germany 0 - 0 Argentina (Germany through)
Italy 1 - 0 Ukraine
Brazil 2 - 1 France
England 1 - 0 Portugal

Finalists: Germany v Brazil

Ben said...

Germany 2 - 3 Argentina (potentially the game of the tournament)
Italy 2 - 0 Ukraine
Brazil 3 - 1 France
England 2 - 1 Portugal

Finalists: Brazil and Argentina

Statue John said...

Germany 1-1 Argentina (Argentina through)
Italy 1 - 0 Ukraine
Brazil 1 - 0 France
England 1 - 1 Portugal (England through)

Final: England vs Argentina

Paul said...


Germany 2 - 1 Argentina
Italy 1 - 1 Ukraine (Italy through)
Brazil 2 - 1 France
England 2 - 0 Portugal

Finalists: Brazil v Germany

adem said...

Germany 2-1 Argentina
Italy 3-0 Ukraine
Brazil 2-2 France (france win in extra time)
England 1-0 Portugal

England vs Germany final!!

kj said...

I'll transfer mine here from the other post where I jumped the gun.

England 0-0 Portugal (Portugal in penalties)
Germany 1-2 Argentina
Italy 1-0 Ukraine
Brazil 2-0 France

Brazil v Argentina
(sticking by my prediction at the start of the whole thing)

Mike said...

Germany 2-2 Argies (Argies through)
Italy 1-0 Ukraine
Brazil 3-1 France
England 1-1 Portugal (Portugal through)

Finalists: Brazil and Argentina.

Dom said...

My finalists - (Heart ruling head)England v Italy


Germany 1 Argentina 2
Italy 2 Ukraine 0
England 3 Portugal 0
Brazil 1 France 2

weenie said...

Germany 1-2 Argentina
Italy 1-1 Ukraine (Italy go thru)
Brazil 2-1 France
England 2-1 Portugal

Finalists - Argentina v Brazil

Flash said...


Germany 2-0 Argentina
Bloody Cheating gits 1-1 Ukraine (Ukraine to go through)
Brazil 2-2 France (Les Blues to nick it)
England 2-1 Portugal

Finalists - Germany & England

By the way if I had proper access to the internet at the mo I would have told you all about my day out in Kaiserslautern where I watched Australia get cheated out of their rightful place in the quarters.

Poll Star said...

Germany 2-2 Argentina (I don't know! Germantina. Guess I have to pick one. Argentina)
Italy 0-0 Ukraine (this will make the Swiss game look exciting; I pray the Ukrainians do the dull cheats (preferably with a dodgy goal that leads some stupid, corrupt Italian club to sack the Ukrainian goal scorer), but I expect Italy will go through)
Brazil 1-2 France
England 2-1 Portugal

France vs the winner of this afternoon's match. So France v Argentina. Maybe.

Charby said...

damn missed 2!

Brazil 3 - France 0
England 1 - Portugal 0

Germany - brazil final

sporty muslimah said...

Top blog, gutted about our outcome :(

kj said...

Darnit, forgot the semis.

So, then...

Germany 2-0 Portugal

Italy 1-1 France
(1-2 aet)