Thursday, June 22, 2006

Massimo Maccarone for Middlesbrough (v Steaua Bucharest), 27 April 2006

I suddenly have a newfound respect for this club and particularly the besuited man in the middle.

He is Middlesbrough chairman Steve Gibson.

But why, Lord B? Why any kindness towards the Smoggies at all?

The reason can be found at:

It is not a particularly original idea - a normal punter applies for a top managers job based on years experience of Championship Manager - but this tale has a fantastic ending.....


Ben said...

Great stuff! Somehow I can't imagine Freddie Shepherd responding in kind, can you?

El Tel said...


adem said... close.

I have a Football Manager record to match.

Paul said...

I know someone who applied for the Villa job once, and had a letter of rejection from Doug Ellis (don't even think she played Championship Manager).

SwissToni said...

I can't believe how well he is claiming to have done for Rushden and Diamonds. When I managed them, I took them from the Conference all the way to the Championship but then got stuck. Mind you, I had to make do with Leo Fortune-West up-front. I certainly didn't get anwhere near Zidane, Raul and Totti.

I once applied for the Bolton Wanderers job on the basis of my Championship Manager record. No reply. I was a bit miffed, and hats off to Steve Gibson for displaying a sense of humour. To be fair, he's better qualified than Gareth Southgate.


(oh, and credit where credit is due --- link courtesy of Statue John)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely brilliant!
This story made my day.

As a gesture of magnanimity I will even start supporting the Toon!

A Boro Fan