Saturday, June 24, 2006

Maxi Rodriguez for Argentina (vs Mexico), 24th June 2006

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Well, that was a *proper* game of football, wasn't it?

Two sides going at each other hell-for-leather for the chance of a place in the quarter-finals of the World Cup.

According to the slightly absurd FIFA world rankings, Mexico are the 4th best team in the world (Argentina are placed 9th). I don't know if they were that good, but they certainly made the team who must be favourites for the World Cup work hard for their victory.

What a goal to win it though, eh? An absolute screamer in extra time by Maxi Rodriguez. I'm sure that Mexico will be disappointed to lose, but I don't think their can be much argument with the quality of the goal that put them out of the tournament.

This now sets up a very intriguing quarter-final tie between Germany and Argentina. I know they only beat a fairly ordinary Sweden side (the fact that England struggled against them doesn't mean they are world-beaters), but Germany are starting to build up a head of steam in this competition, and I think that, in spite of a lack of genuine quality, they might take some stopping.

I'm not saying that Germany will beat Argentina... it's just that I have a funny feeling that Argentina aren't going to win this tournament. I'm not sure why I think this as they've clearly been the best team on display up until now, but I really don't think they're going to win. Their struggle to overcome Mexico has only reinforced this belief.

Mind you, on the evidence so far, I don't think that teams like France, Brazil or England are going to win it either.

Ecuador anyone?


Mo'men said...

Argubly , I saw today one of the best goals in the histroy of world cup .. argentina suffered alot from the highly impressive mexicans and i thought they'll take forever to break through thieir solid defense , but with a drive like that .. !! that's the beuty of the game , Hail for rodrigaz

Flash said...

Twas a fantastic game & I still feel sorry for the plucky Mexicans.
Great goal too but no better than Joe Cole's beauty.

Mike said...

I've got a horrible feeling it might be Germany's year again. I think they have got a lot of quality - none of it defensive, though, which may be their weakness. The front six are playing superbly, though. And their defenders are quite good going forward too.

weenie said...

Could it finally be Spain's year???

kj said...

Goal of the tournament so far--in a tournament that's seen some crackers thusfar.

I'd like to have some sympathy for Mexico... but, well, I support the US team (for what that's worth this time 'round) and they're Mexico. :)