Saturday, October 08, 2005

Frank Lampard for England (vs Austria), 7th October 2005

OK. So I didn't get to see a single kick of the game, and yet already I'm thinking this may have been 90 minutes of my life better spent.

How was it for you? Anyone care to give me the lowdown?


Charby said...

Luke Young - Legend.
Crap game, fell asleep and woke up to see Becks get sent off. N Ireland/Wales was very much the better game.
Oh and Graeme Le Saux is possibly the scariest looking person ever when he grins.

Alex said...

Terrible game.

No reason for Becks to be sent off.

Until Gerrard got the captains armband - didn't realise he was there.

Peter Crouch - why?

Flash said...

Another England game, Another load of unpalatable shite.

weenie said...

It wasn't good but the result was what counted in the end.

Crouch was actually one of the better players out there last night - a couple of good passes and knock downs that unfortunately weren't converted into goals.

Glen said...

A truly awful game but it did a positive side. The emergence of Luke Young as a viable replacement for Neville.

Beckham was sent off by two horendous reffereeing decissions. In the end its the result that counted and of course Holland won so we have now qualified.

We really need to sort out what is wrong with the team. How can we have changed so much to turn us into a 3rd rate un-entertaining team?

LB said...

I'm beginning to be pleased I missed it as well, I think.

And the Maple Leafs lost in the fourth quarter for the second time this week! It's all about the offence, apparently.

(no, I have no idea what I am going on about either. I just keep wanting to shout "it's ICE hockey, you useless North American b*stards....")

loveuamy said...

two yellow cards for Beckham were harsh.
Owen should have scored at least two goals, and got another penalty.
Gerrard did more defense, allowing Lampard came forward.
Luke Young was great, while Carragher seemed awkward at the left-back.
Crouch had some good passes, but struggled to score.

anyway, 3 points is 3 points. England's qualified for the world cup!

YorkshireTricky said...

Couldn't be arsed meself, even tho it was pissing it down with rain thought my time would be better spent walking my dog rather than watching a bunch of overpaid prima donnas pretending they actually give a shit. Watchin gEngalnd is slowly losing any appeal it ever had for me and quite frankly I couldn't give a toss about them at the moment just like they couldn't give a toss about the shirt. Long gone are the days where you'd see Terry Butcher coming off the pitch with his white shirt drenched in blood as he gave everything for the cause

swisslet said...

I like ice hockey actually. I certainly find it more interesting than I do most international football games. You get a whole lot less flouncing, that's for sure.

I hear that Peter Crouch "has a good touch for a big man"?


red one said...

I watched it. I have lost 90 minutes of my life. It is better on Hackney Marshes. I don't think the Poland game is going to be too inspiring either.


El Tel said...

England eh *shrugs shoulders*
Might things be different against Poland, with the pressure to qualify now gone?