Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Carlos Tevez for Manchester United (v Liverpool), 16 December 2007

Er, just to say that there won't be any predictions here until the New Year due to it being Christmas and there being 4.3 gazillion fixtures between now and then.

Right-o. Excellent.

Let's hope Fabio wasn't watching Grand Slam Sunday, eh? (Grand Slam? Were there four major international tournaments in football on the same weekend just gone, then? I must have missed that....) Both games were cagey, kick-and-rush low-quality rubbish with two goals and practically zero skill. Contrast to the Eredivisie game a couple of weeks ago that was a brilliant Feyenoord 2-2 Ajax draw with goals, a red card, plenty of enthusiasm and no small level of talent.

Dutch football v English football? I'll take Roda Kerkrade every day (Raymond Attaveld off of Everton off of the early 90's is their manager, by the way. Ray Attaveld! I know!)


ian said...

Will there be an update to the score table as a collective christmas present?

Shane said...

Hope everyone has a good break.

From work and stuff, that is.

skif said...

Had been hoping the fixture congestion would have seen me able to make up some ground.

However, the reality is I'd probably have been left hopelessly adrift.

So, yeah, let's go all European and have a nice relaxing winter break.

Merries and happies to the CUAS team and to all my fellow predictors.

weenie said...

Merry Christmas all and hope results go the right way for your teams over the festive season!