Monday, October 12, 2009

Keith Gillespie for Newcastle United (v Leeds United), 29 April 1996

Cheer Up Alan Shearer's Top 10 TV Football Moments

2. "You Can Tell Him Now - He'll Be Watching It....."

I doubt there's anyone outside the Newcastle United community who would deny that this now infamous television interview deserves its place in the annals of TV footballing folklore. It's football at its rawest - the very public display of a man fraying at the seams under the most intense pressure.

Lest we forget, the story goes back to the title run-in in 1996 when Sir Alex Ferguson accused Leeds United of 'helping' Newcastle to the title by not trying during their league game. Ferguson believed that teams tried harder against his United side than they did against Keegan's Geordies.

When interviewed for Monday Night Football directly after a 1-0 victory at Elland Road, Keegan seemed desperate to control his emotions before instead melting down in one of the most celebrated moments of the Premiership age. When Richard Keys asked if Ferguson's comments were 'part and parcel of the psychological battle' his response was, well - you know what his response was, right?

Oh, and Newcastle drew their next two matches and Manchester United won the title. If you needed reminding....

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