Thursday, February 04, 2010

John Terry for Chelsea (v Burnley), 30 January 2010

I don't much care what he's done in his private life, if I am honest.

However, if you are going to use this sort of personal branding - "British sporting hero", "England's football captain" and "Dad of the Year 2008" in an attempt to obtain lucrative commercial endorsement contracts, then I'm pretty sure that means we're entitled to read all about your sordid exploits in the tabloid papers.

Anyway we should replace Terry as captain with someone with more moral fibre. Rio Ferdinand (drugs), Glen Johnson (stealing a bog seat from B&Q), Steven Gerrard (alleged assault), Rooney (shagging grannies), Ashley Cole (alleged allsorts), Frank Lampard (oh, he shagged someone and left his wife, didn't he?), David Beckham (oops), Ashley Young (chatroom nakedness).....



ian said...

If I were looking for someone to represent my brand, I'd look for an agency that could spell.

swisslet said...

I think lots of footballers - like lots of other people - are wankers. Although I think Terry is probably a bit of a cock and I find the way he is being marketed distasteful, especially given his life, I'm not sure that this has anything to do with his football or leadership qualities - neither of which I think are seriously in doubt.

We love it when people like this are shown up for fools as it makes us feel better about the 150k a week that they earn, but should we really have hounded him to the sack as England captain? Not sure.

Your point, however, is well made. Emile Heskey perhaps?!?