Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Cristiano Ronaldo for Manchester Utd (v Europe XI), 13 March 2007

There are days when I despair for the future of football. No, that's not strictly true - it is the idiots that run the game that I despair of.

The latest genius brainchild of the pillocks who run the game is to abolish draws.

What in the name of 140 years of the game would be the point of that? I know! Not content with fixture congestion (whoever decided to play the FA Cup replays on a Monday night before England fly to Israel for their most important game in months needs lynching also) we could make players play all night long until the small hours when someone dies on the pitch and the opposition score from the resulting error. A 2.30am finish, but At Least Its Not A Draw.

It is complete and utter nonsense. Our American cousins have tried to get their hands on football before (make the goals bigger! make all fans drink Budweiser!) but they had better not influence the beautiful game with this latest bit of lunacy. I know they aren't capable of understanding a draw (a TIE? you mean no-one wins?) but football is played in over 200 countries, not just theirs. Not even theirs, some might say.

So, I hope this idiotic idea is given the contempt it deserves. If it is agreed upon, we might as well just let players wear shoulder pads and giant helmets and twat the ball into the bleachers with a giant stick.

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adem said...

What a load of crap. I remember a few years back they did this in Major League Soccer.

A draw can sometimes be the greatest thing in the world, be it getting a 90th minute equaliser or holding on to a draw because your team goes through on away goals.

Why can't they leave some things?