Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Alan Smith for Manchester Utd (vs Roma), 10 April 2007

It seems slightly hard to believe now (and always looked a bit dodgy with a relatively slender 2-1 lead), but an Italian newspaper wrote after the first leg of the Champions League Quarter Final last week that Roma had taught Manchester Utd "a footballing lesson".

I wonder what they've got to say this morning.

Actually, I usually manage Roma in "Football Manager", and throughout the whole game last night, I was pondering what I would do to turn things around. Initially I thought about throwing on Gaetano D'Agostini to free up Totti and Vincenzo Montella to reinforce the front line. Then (and after some consultation with Lord Bargain), I decided I would roll the dice and throw on -- Roma legend -- Ian Stonebridge.

By the time the seventh goal went in though, I thought the only realistic solution was to reboot the PC and start the match again.

Sadly, this was not an option that Roma had last night, otherwise I think they certainly would have taken it.....

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