Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Jose Antonio Reyes for Real Madrid (v Real Mallorca), 17 June 2007

It's a bit boring this summer with no football on. No World Cup, no European Championships. I've even tried watching some of the under-21 Championship (not that interesting, believe me).

Anyway, believe it or not the new season starts on Saturday as teams from as far and wide as Iceland, Slovenia and Andorra kick off the first-legs of their first round Inter-Toto cup matches.

Any competition containing a team called FC Honka is OK with me.
Here we go again, then....


weenie said...

The new fixtures stirred a bit of interest but yeah, things are a bit boring.

Another thing that's stirring a bit of interest at work is myfootballclub, which proposes that 50,000 like-minded individuals chip in to purchase a lower/non-league English side, with the ultimate goal of taking this club up to the dizzy heights of the Premier League (we can dream!).

Free to register, there's over 37,000 registered already - can't wait to see which club will agree to be bought in this way. And contrary to the website, it's highly unlikely to be Leeds United.

Anonymous said...

I was in Wales at the weekend, and found myself thinking 'It would be ideal ('ideal'!) if Bangor City or Carnaerfon were playing at home today'... worrying times.

ian said...

There's always Copa America.