Wednesday, May 21, 2008

George Best for Manchester United (v Benfica), 29 May 1968

At the risk of being partisan for one brief moment, I am really, really quite nervous. Eleven hours to go.
*bites nails*
[some re-hashed memories of the last time this happened are here]


Mosher said...

I have to be completely honest. This is the first time in years I've had absolutely no interest in the result of the match, let alone in watching it.

I can't honestly pinpoint *why* to be honest as I know ManU/Chelsea is often a hell of a game. I know ManU have been playing superb football this season. I know Chelsea will be up for it after narrowly losing out on the Prem.

But... it just seems like another match between two teams I see playa against each other twice a season anyway.

I'm all for dropping the "can't play a team from your own country" rule in the earlier stages, only allowing actual *champions* into the tournament and opening up lower-ranked countries for entry to make up the numbers. After all, look at the FA Cup this year with its myriad upsets. Surely that was more entertaining?

Shane said...

Saw most of the game and thought it was decent enough. Quite how I came to feel sorry for £100,000+ per week John Terry, though, this is something that confuses and worries me.