Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ryan Giggs for Manchester United (v Wigan Athletic), 11 May 2008

The 2007/8 CUAS Predictions League

Thank you once again to all of you who trot over here every week or so and input random numbers in the name of careful considered prediction. From Stoke to Sydney they come, and all of your input is much appreciated.

This years Predictions League was almost a foregone conclusion from early on, as last years winner Shane romped to a comfortable win and a retention of his title. Well done Shane!

A sterling effort from Swiss Toni took him to second, and well done also to Andy in third (who I believe scored the highest weekly total of the season).

More again in August? Oh, go on then.


weenie said...

Well done Shane and thanks LB for running this.

Jonny said...

Yep, I agree. Nice one lads.

Sydney eh! Guess that's me then.....

Shane said...

LB, and ST, and everyone else, thank you for running this and for satiating my footballing appetite. The amount of enjoyment that I get from playing this is nothing short of completely tragic.

And for info, I came 50th in the Guardian's predictions league. As you may recall, their scoring system is the same as that of CUAS, though they stop short of the converting points grand prix style.

Hey hum, hey ho, good summers and close seasons to you all.

Andy said...

Thanks very much guys - As a supporter of a Championship side you make watching match of the day that little bit more interesting. Keep up the good work!