Thursday, August 27, 2009

Michael Owen for Manchester Utd (v Wigan Athletic), 22 August 2009

The 2009/20 Cheer Up Alan Shearer Predictions League

Hello all.... it is back. Stick a finger in the air and generate random numbers until summer 2010!

This year's CUAS predictions will generally be run on a monthly basis (so as to be as inclusive as possible) with the top three each month scoring one, two or three points towards the running season-long total.

Each week's predictions score the same as ever - three points for the correct score and one for the correct outcome. We'll use a 6/5/4/3/2/1 scoring system every week for the top six best scores.

Clear? Good. Here we go, then.

Blackburn 2-1 West Ham
Bolton 0-2 Liverpool
Chelsea 2-0 Burnley
Man Utd 1-2 Arsenal
Stoke 1-0 Sunderland
Tottenham 3-1 Birmingham
Wolverhampton 1-0 Hull
Aston Villa 2-0 Fulham
Everton 2-0 Wigan
Portsmouth 1-1 Man City

and wildcards from the opening week in La Liga:

Real Madrid 2-1 Deportivo La Coruna
Valencia 2-1 Sevilla
Barcelona 3-0 Sporting Gijon


swisslet said...

that time already?

Here we go then:

Blackburn 1-1 West Ham
Bolton 0-1 Liverpool
Chelsea 3-0 Burnley
Man Utd 1-1 Arsenal
Stoke 1-0 Sunderland
Tottenham 2-0 Birmingham
Wolverhampton 2-1 Hull
Aston Villa 2-1 Fulham
Everton 2-0 Wigan
Portsmouth 0-2 Man City

la liga:

Real Madrid 1,345-0 Deportivo La Coruna (surely, with that talent? Or perhaps 3-1)
Valencia 1-2 Sevilla
Barcelona 2-0 Sporting Gijon

Good luck everyone.

Robert Burke said...

Michael Owen was a brilliant signing.