Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jeremie Aliadiere for Middlesbrough (v Sheffield Wednesday), 15 September 2009

Cheer Up Alan Shearer's Top 10 TV Football Moments

6. "They've Never Heard Chris Rea."

I can almost see the pitch at Sky Sports HQ now.

"Yes, I know we haven't got any live football that we can show on Saturday afternoon. But, what we can do is ask four ex-professional footballers to watch the games for us, and explain to us what's happening. Yes, someone like Charlie Nicholas. Well, I appreciate that it's a bit like you reading a classic work of literature and giving me one sentence per chapter about what's going on, but I think it can work. Jeff Stelling. Yeah, you know who I mean. Off of the darts. And a videprinter with all the latest scores...."

Oddly, it works. And it has made Soccer Saturday a sporting institution in this country, and a star of its charismatic host, Jeff Stelling. There are numerous Stelling clips we could have chosen, but this particular homage to the fine Teeside city of Middlesbrough is possibly his finest hour, if just for the part of his defence of the city that "Journey South come from there...."

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Mosher said...

"...and... *AND* you can shag your own dad and it's not only legal but expected!"

Nah, seriously - what an awesome rant :)