Monday, November 21, 2005

Michael Owen for Newcastle (v WBA), 30 October 2005

The final predictions table for October was as follows:

1. Ben - 53 points
2. Charby - 51 points
3. El Tel - 48 points
4. Mike - 42 points
5. Alex - 41 points
6. Lord B - 41 points
7. Swiss T - 40 points
8. Weenie - 38 points
9. Rufus - 34 points
10. Flash - 33 points
11. Dom - 24 points

We seem to have lost Tricky along the way as well.....

A big "hurrah" to Ben for (finally) stopping Charby from winning something (no offence, it's just that you have been winning *everything*....). November's updated later....


Charby said...

Sigh, I think I screwed up last month too and didnt win the monthly prize :(

However this season is a long one and I plan on winning that trophy!!

weenie said...

4th from bottom! Even those sneaky preds sent before my hols didn't pick me up into the top half of the table!!

Ben said...


(Let's just forget my prediction for Saturday's Chelsea v Toon game, eh? It didn't help that Owen didn't even play, of course...)

El Tel said...

Ben, the CUAS predictions league is a healthier place for what you've achieved last month. As for my broader view...

"Pressure? There is no pressure... pressure is millions of people trying to justify supporting Manchester United to their children. That is pressure. There is no pressure here. El Tel's month will come."