Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Henrik Larsson for Sweden (vs England), 20th June 2006


What were you expecting?

We're though. We're top of the group. No one got suspended.

Job done.

... on the other hand....

Owen's injury leaves us with three strikers: one who is half-fit, one who has never played in the Premiership and has less than 10 professional goals to his name and one who is Peter Crouch. We look distinctly short of goals, and the fact that we conceded two to an average looking Sweden side doesn't fill me with confidence in our defence either.

Perhaps we'll fall into the perfect formation by mistake? A five man midfield finally unleashing Gerrard and Lampard at the right end of the pitch....? Let's hope so.

Mind you. I did get Ecuador in the office sweepstake.... so perhaps I can't lose?

(oh, and for the record, I thought Owen Hargreaves played ok, so leave him alone)


Ben said...

Today I will mostly be clutching my head and rocking backwards and forwards. I know it's not the done thing at the moment, but stuff England - as a Newcastle fan Owen's latest injury was a sickening blow.

You're spot on about the game - we got the draw we wanted, but at great cost. Defensively we looked rubbish, but at least Hargreaves put in a decent shift.

weenie said...

Yep, probably Hargreaves' best game for England so far.

And Walcott should have had a run, can't see him taking part at all now, he's just gone along as team mascot.

Me said...

Roger Hargreaves was our best player, I thought, apart from Joe Cole. Never thought I'd find myself saying that...