Monday, June 12, 2006

Pauleta for Portugal (v Angola), 11 June 2006

Day Three of the World Cup was probably the last interesting so far.

In the first match, the Dutch played well but ultimately snuck a 1-0 win against both Serbia and Montenegro.

Then, in the most entertaining match of the day, Mexico beat Iran 3-1. Mexico are officially the fourth best team in the world, according to FIFA, so a certain shoe-in for the semi-finals...

And in the evening match, an early Pauleta goal sealed a 1-0 win for Portugal, and Cristiano Ronaldo threw a bit of a strop when substituted. The Angolan's were frankly a bit poor, although factors such as their goalkeeper not actually having played club football since 2005 not helping....

Nothing much else of interest to report, really. I hate Ian Wright increasingly, am liking Adrian Chiles' late night show on the BBC (particularly Gordon Strachan who manages to be both entertaining and have something worthwhile to say) and am bored with every single World Cup match being interrupted for "the latest from the England camp...."

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adem said...

England need to let the ball do the running for them, and then they wouldn't get dehydrated. They need to pace themselves.

And does it seem like an eternity since the last England Game?? Roll on thursday.