Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Vincenzo Montella for Fulham (v Stoke City), 27 January 2007

So, it's been an exciting couple of days. First there was the FA Cup draw and then Fergie banging on about video technology and then a fat bloke joined AC Milan and the BBC are going to show the Man Utd v Reading game and that bald headed waster has finally left Middlesbrough and Wigan sign a Championship Manager legend and Reading buy someone from Halfords and Newcastle buy someone historically a complete waster but recently half decent and with a name that looks like it might be an anagram of a decent footballer.

Oh, and West Brom have signed Dean Kiely, mainly because their existing reserve goalkeeper is generally too busy shagging a blonde woman whilst she sucks someone else off. Wearing a West Brom polo shirt.

And then there was the FA Cup dra.........zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


weenie said...

LOL, love the bit where it says "All those involved are good friends.." How convenient was that phone loss!?

swisslet said...

You have to laugh at the stupid, prudish language that newspapers use for this kind of thing: "pleasuring", "full sex", a "sex act". That faux-coyness is just utterly ridiculous. The Sun loves a good sex scandal, Hoult clearly loves it, and Sun readers (as we are constantly told) love it.

Who loses out here? Mrs. Hoult and her kids.

Lovely. Footballers are brilliant, aren't they?

Anyway. Not that I'm bitter, but Hoult's debut was against Wolves as a teenager in a televised game about 15 years ago. He played an absolute blinder, was man of the match, and wolves were foiled again.



adem said...

Aghahowa was simply amazing in Championship Manager, and one of the players I'd always keep tabs on and try to buy.

LB said...

Adam, he was indeed.

I also like the way that Fergie thinks video technology should be introduced now his side were denied a clear goal, and not immediately in the aftermath of Pedro Mendes' effort hitting (practically) the back of the net before being ruled out....

El Tel said...

Today I learned a new word. That word, was 'roasting'.

I see Mr Hoult has been landed by Stoke City - what a capture!