Monday, August 08, 2011

Glenn Mulcaire for AFC Wimbledon (vs Bromley), 17th July 2002

Here's a bizarre one: before 'investigative reporter' Glenn Mulcaire decided to find out what was going on in the celebrity world by listening to their voicemail messages, he was a tidy non-league footballer.

The man they call 'Trigger' retains a special place in the hearts of all AFC Wimbledon fans as, astonishingly, he scored the club's first ever goal, against Bromley, back in 2002. 

It was an absolute belter too.....

Will Buckley, writing in the Guardian back in 2002, penned these strangely prophetic words: "Trigger - less than a decade from becoming a household name."

Aye, for all the wrong reasons.

[by LB, but posted on his behalf whilst he's on holiday]


Simon said...

Wouldn't Mulcaire have been hacking at around that time rather than later? Milly Dowler went missing in March 2002.

swisslet said...

Well, I guess he needed a normal job too, right? Strange quirk though, eh?
I wonder if the Watergate reporters cut their teeth with DC United.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if the first comment said " hack some phones" he would have had a legit excuse!!