Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Lee Naylor for Wolverhampton Wanderers (vs Coventry), 16 April 2005

Look. No disrespect to the lad, but there's just something *weird* about watching Lee Naylor playing Champions League football....

How did that happen?

What's next? John de Wolf turning up as a spokesman for the bean farmers' cooperative of Ulan Bator at the United Nations conference on Pulse and Lentil farming in Extreme Climates?


swisslet said...

Oh God.

Kenny Miller's playing as well.

I imagine Mick Stowell is on the bench.


LB said...

Apparently Andy Sinton scored for Steuea Bucharest this evening as well. And Robbie Dennison and Mark Venus won the mixed doubles at the US Open.

swisslet said...

Tony Daley is still injured though, right?

Ben said...

And at the 15th at the Spanish Open Geoff Thomas sliced his drive into the trees.

Paul said...

On the basis that I'm not near a computer now before the weekend, I'm pre-empting the predictions fixtures:

Charlton 1 v 1 Portsmouth
Everton 2 v 0 Wigan
Sheffield United 1 v 2 Reading
Bolton 1 v 1 Middlesboro
Watford 0 v 0 Aston Villa
Chelsea 2 v 1 Liverpool
Tottenham 2 v 0 Fulham
West Ham 1 v 1 Newcastle
Blackburn 1 v 0 Man City
Man Utd 2 v 0 Arsenal
Liverpool 2 v 0 Newcastle

It may be that I've gone too far with the league games, in which case ignore any of those.

I predict all of the wildcards will finish 1-0 to the home team.

Anonymous said...

I cant believe you chaps saying Naylor is a bad player. With some Martin Oneil type tuition ( which unfortunately he wont get) he's potentially a decent defender and definitely the best left wing crosser since the last good one England had - way better than Stuart downing.

If you watch closely during the Champions league and the celtic forwards ( including aformentioned KM) get their act together, I think he'll prove he's worth it.