Wednesday, September 07, 2005

David Healy for Northern Ireland (v England), 7 September 2005

Right. Sven is going to get the kicking for this, clearly. No question.

But I say, leave off the manager. The manager can select a squad, set them up and pick eleven players. And come on, which of you, really, wouldn't have picked England's starting line up tonight?

So, surely, it is now time to say "stop" and have a pop at the eleven in the white shirts?

Look at the array of talent on show tonight who did absolutely nothing for their international cap.

Rio Ferdinand - needs to remember why he's being paid £100,000 a week. You telling me a fit Jonathan Woodgate wouldn't seize his chance to be genius in the centre of our defence?

Ashley Cole - world's second best left back lets a Leeds United reserve ghost past him for the winner

Jamie Carragher - please

Frank Lampard - rubbish

Steven Gerrard - utter rubbish

Shaun Wright-Phillips - our best player and so instantly withdrawn for Joe "playground" Cole

Rooney - hissy fit

Owen - did he kick the ball?

Owen Hargreaves - why didn't he choose Canada? or Wales?

Bear in mind that Northern Ireland have a Plymouth Argyle left back, a Southampton reserve right-back, a right winger last seen scrabbling round for a club, a Hull City winger and a centre forward with an Emile Heskey scoring record (played 40, scored 4). And he was withdrawn for someone who plays for Luton Town for Christ's sake.

Time for these multi-millionaires to stand up and be counted. If you can't play your proper game against the world's 176th ranked team (or whatever the hell they are) then it's time for you to get stuffed and give your place to someone who gives a sh*t about their country.

Have a pop at Sven all you like, but it is time these selfish money-grabbing so-called role models remembered why they are being picked to represent their country...


Charby said...

We were shit.
The formation clearly don't work.
MclAren was more enthusiastic than Sven.
Rooney shoulda come off before half time when he lost it.
And im too pissed and too drunk to be rational.
(all spelling just an approximation tonight)

swisslet said...

i refer the honourable gentleman to my post of earlier today.


YorkshireTricky said...

Agree with you 100% it looked like they expected to win just for turning up. Disgraceful performance, there once was a time when playing for your country actually meant something to the players

Flash said...

I totally agree with you on almost every point.
We were a shower & no mistake.

However, I do feel the need to pull you up on the whole Leeds United reserve comment.
David Healy is top man at Leeds (along with Rob Hulse) & showed why last night.
Watch out for him when we come to old trafford next year!

Anonymous said...

I disagree - the team has been unbalanced for three years, has not played well for years, and it is time for the manager to get on the next ferry to Stockholm now.

Check out my counter comment here:

Anonymous said...

Or rather my comment here.....!!!

Alex said...

It was just like watching Forest!

No pride, no belief, no committment.


You are playing for ENGLAND for fuck sake. For your bloody country you money grabbing wastes of shirts.

Remember, WE are proud of our country - why the fuck aren't they?

Cos playing for their country has been devalued by Sven cos of his contempt for freindly games. Playing -in effect- a different team in each half, does nothing for developing a sense of team and pride.

The bastard.

That said, he can't go, we are stuck with him now. Until we are sent home from Germany at the end of Round 1.