Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Laurie Sanchez for Wimbledon (vs Liverpool), 14 May 1988

It's only a shame that Sven's inspirational decision to throw on Owen Hargreaves failed to save the game for England, eh?

Northern Ireland totally deserved that result, and frankly it's been a long time coming. England have shown nothing for months. Nothing. They got spanked by Denmark a couple of weeks ago, and Wales could easily have got something out of the game last Saturday. Still people believe England can pull a result out of the bag when it matters. Still people believe that England will be challenging for the World Cup in the summer. Use the evidence of your own eyes. Something is fundamentally wrong. These are good players (apparently), and they are embrassingly poor in the shirt that should matter the most to them.

Well done Northern Ireland, and let's hope this finally stings some improvement.... or at least some changes.

I knew I should have read that book.

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LB said...

we'll be alright if and when our players start performing to their ability, at once, on a regular basis.

That's a lot of "if's", admittedly.