Friday, September 16, 2005

Florin Bratu for Dinamo Bucharest (Vs. Everton), 15th Septmber 2005

It must be a total pisser when your season full of hope & expectation is all but down the toilet halfway through September (Right, Forest fans?).

Poor old Everton fell pray to a thorough mauling at the hands of Dinamo Bucharest last night. I feel sorry for David Moyes who so far has worked wonders with the Toffees.
That's about as far as my sympathy will stretch, I'm afraid.

There's something about Everton that I've never liked.
They've traded on being a so-called big club for a long time whilst pottering around in mid-table most years, if not dubiously avoiding relegation.
Last year they were a revelation & I actually found myself hoping that they would clinch that last Champion's league spot as an example of how hard work & team spirit can still triumph amongst the megabucks brigade.

What a bloody waste of time that was, eh?
Out of the Champion's league at the first hurdle (albeit a very tricky Villareal shaped hurdle) & now out of Europe all together, barring a miracle.
Just think if it wasn't for Everton punching above their weight last season we could now all be enjoying the European exploits of everyone's new second team; Psycho's Man City.
Instead we've lost a team in Europe already, at this early stage.

Still at least the merseyside "giants" haven't been eclipsed by the likes of Bolton & Middlesboro' .



Anyone feeling sorry for Everton then, Weenie perhaps? (ahem)

Don't forget to do your predictions peeps, they're down there somewhere, now with added wild card for your delectation.


weenie said...

I don't feel sorry for Everton at all - have had enough of their whining and their recent performances in Europe show just how much out of their league they are.

Whilst I wouldn't go so far as to say that I hope they get relegated, I deffo won't be shedding any tears if they do.

Will I miss the Merseyside Derbies? Not really.

Ben said...

I was quite happy for them last year, but over the summer the incessant whinging about players turning them down to come to Newcastle despite the fact that we couldn't offer them European football has really pissed me off. It'll be nice to see them out, with no money-spinning run to cover the over-the-odds transfer fees they've shelled out this summer.

Alex said...

For some odd reason my brother is an Everton fan, and I had to put up with loads of grief from him last season.

So I am quite happy with the way things are going at the moment.

Tee hee.

LB said...

I had a sneaking suspicion they would be rotten this season (hence my tenner on them to be relegated before the season started).

I thought they might do an Ipswich - punch way above their weight entirely unexpectedly, improve the squad by splashing cash on anyone prepared to join them (not many) and then really struggle.

big dull club requiring relegation to amuse many (see my previous post about Aston Villa...)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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