Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Colin Murdock for Northern Ireland (v Austria), 14 October 2004

Right, apologies if this is controversial but this gets me so mad.

Why on earth have we had a minutes silence at an international World Cup qualifying match for Des Murdock, father of one of Northern Ireland's squad players?

"Sorry, ref, my daughter's best friend's gerbil has a dicky tummy, can we have a minute's silence please?"

It is absolutely ridiculous. I am very sorry that Colin Murdock's dad has died, I really am. But a minute's silence at a football match? Do me a favour.


swisslet said...

Well, there's nothing else to be sad about happening in the world, is there?

having watched the game, I think we'd be better with 90 minutes of silence and they could perhaps kick the ball around for a bit in stoppage time.

What a pile of toss.


Anonymous said...

Ah so that's who he was. Yep, minutes silence OTT. Black armbards by Irish - ok,understandable