Thursday, September 08, 2005

Chris Sutton for Chelsea (v Manchester Utd), 3rd October 1999

Here's a couple of those funny football quiz questions for you to ponder on tomorrow when you are bored at work... These have kept me any my mate Paul entertained this afternoon....

There are three English footballers who have been involved in £7million plus transfers but have never won an England cap. Name them.

Name the seven British players that have played in European Cup/Champions League finals for non-British clubs.

We got all three English players and six of the seven European Cup ones - see how you get on...!


Paul said...

Bit of a half arsed answer, but:

Seth Johnson, Carl Cort and I'm guessing Stan Collymore for the 7 million pound men.

I can only think of Keegan, McManaman, John Charles, Waddle, Owen Hargreaves for the European Cup.

Nice blog lads - Ben's been raving about it.

Ben said...

Didn't Seth Johnson get a cap? And Collymore too? Cort's never got anywhere near the England squad, though - but if he carries on playing like he is for Wolves...

Kevin Davies - £7.5m from Southampton to Blackburn.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head - I can't add to or disagree with Paul's list for the European Cup question.

swisslet said...

oh there's another super wolves player to get yet lads.... keep guessing.


LB said...

you have got the following correct for the European ones (and we got the seventh, eventually...)


three others....

adem said...

Has Dean Richards never got a cap?

The Wolves comment from ST might have swung it.

swisslet said...

Lord B will correct me if I'm wrong, but the 3 £7m men without a cap are:

1) Carl Cort (if Hoddle thought Owen wasn't a natural finisher, lord knows what he's making of this lad)

2) Kevin Davies

3) Dean Richards (now sadly retired, or no doubt the Hod would have brought him back to Wolves)

You're onto European cup winners now.


Paul said...

Seth Johnson got a cap? You'll be telling me Phil Neville's played in world cup finals next.