Sunday, September 25, 2005

Tommy Miller for Sunderland (vs Middlesbrough), 25 September 2005

Most of the way through Match of the Day yesterday, I was feeling pretty smug. I'd made some tweaks to my Fantasy Football team on Friday afternoon, having been slightly worried about the goalscoring potential of my side. In came N'Zogbia, Danny Murphy & Darren Bent, and things looked good. Okay, so Bent & N'Zogbia didn't do anything much, but super Danny Murphy popped up with 2 goals, and together with Frank Lampard's brace, I was feeling pretty good about myself.

The players I dropped?

Djibril Cisse. Goal.
Tommy Miller. Goal.
Gaizka Mendieta. Goal.

Okay. I'm lying about the last one, and should have sold him weeks ago.... (just like I should have put Darren Bent in when I initially picked the team, but opted for Freddie Ljunberg instead after some agonising....) But the point remains: is there some kind of immutable law that states that when you make changes to your fantasy footie side, that the players you have dropped will inevitably start performing?


Oh, and well done to Sunderland for getting their first Premiership win in 22 games, stretching back to December 2002. Things might just be looking up.

Not for Everton mind you, who must be very much looking forward to the second leg of their UEFA cup game to try and salvage their season.... Only the 4 goals to pull back then. Should be a doddle.


Super Wolves!

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Alex said...

Who'd have thought it?

Sunderland WINNING!

How bizarre...