Thursday, July 06, 2006

Alessandro Del Piero for Italy (v Germany), 4 July 2006

Nominations for team of the tournament here please.

The CUAS World Cup Predictions League

OK, so heading into the final two games, here is an update on scores and bonus point success/failure.

No bonus points awarded for the "top scoring nation in the group stages" - you could have had Argentina, Germany or Spain with 8 goals, but no-one picked any of those.

One African team into the knockout stages for a maximum 15 bonus points.

The first bookings in the semi-finals were Borowski for Germany (v Italy) and Carvalho for Portugal (v France). Congratulations to El Tel who picked Borowski to be the only bonus scorer here.

And hearts got the better of heads in the "guess the finalists" - some got Italy but Swiss Toni did correctly predict Italy v France (bizarrely, after this comment he made earlier in the competition).

So, I need score predictions for the 3rd/4th place play-off and for the final please. If you think either game will be a draw, the eventual winner required also.

Bonus points this time for "first goalscorer" in the final. If it is 0-0 and penalties, the first penalty scorer will count.

And so for the current positions....

1. El Tel - 63 points
2. Swiss Toni - 61 points
3. Sarah - 56 points
4. Mike - 52 points
5. Lord Bargain - 51 points
6. Statue John - 49 points
7. Weenie - 45 points
8. Ben - 45 points
9. Charby - 44 points
10. KJ - 44 points
11. Paul - 43 points
12. Dom - 43 points
13= Adem - 42 points
13= Poll Star - 42 points
15. Flash - 38 points
16. Paul A - 36 points

Good luck, all....


swisslet said...

what happened to my 100 bonus points for being prepared to see past my own hubris and pick France for the final?


Tell me that?


(curse you Borrowski and your ill-timed tackling!)

swisslet said...


Germany 3 - 1 Portugal

Italy 2 - 0 France

First goalscorer in the final? Francesco Totti... after Zidane, my favourite current player in the world.

I'd not be too unhappy to be wrong here and for France to win it - partly for Zidane to end his career in the most fitting manner, but also partly for the domestic harmony that a French win will bring around these parts.


Statue John said...

Germany 1-1 Portugal (Germans to win)
Italy 0-0 France (France to win , Zidane to score first).

*cough* And while I'm here, I may as well own up and say that I have not been making my own predictions at all - have been using the predictions from these
Stats Geeks

Apologies for cheating, and big congrats to all those who have defeated the Stats gurus...

Sarah said...

Germany 2 - 1 Portugal

Italy 2 - 1 France

First goalscorer in the final: Zidane

And 'yay!' for being geekier than the geeks (are you sure you've done your sums correctly, LB?)

Paul said...

Germany 2 - 0 Portugal

Italy 2 - 1 France

Luca Toni to score first

adem said...

Germany 2-0 Portugal

Italy 2-0 France

First goalscorer in the final: Del Piero [coming off the bench in the 71st minute]

Me said...

Germany 2-1 Portugal

France 1-1 Italy - Italy to win. First scorer: Zidane.

I typed in Borowski, but deleted it when I saw that El Tel had already put him. Silly tactic, that.

kj said...

I always either forget or jump the gun. To reiterate...

Germany 2-0 Portugal

Italy 1-1 France
(1-2 aet)

First goal... Ribery.

Poll Star said...

I've been so rubbish, I'm tempted to tip Italy in the hope it will help France win.

Germany 3-1

France 2-0 Italy
Henry to score first.
I'm hoping the fact that the loser hasn't scored in the final for 20 years and that France have knocked Italy out of 3 tournaments since Italy's last win in 1978 will pay off for me. That's torn it.

And for those who don't get the fiver: "France boss Raymond Domenech has been reported to Fifa for turning the air Bleu after allegedly dancing around and shouting, "I f****d you! I f****d you!" at the Portugal team in the wake of France's semi-final victory."

El Tel said...

Concentrate, concentrate...

Germany 2-1 Portugal
Italy 2-1 France (Totti)

Poll Star, most amused by the Domenech story.

Sarah, your suggestion re LB's stats is unpalatable.

Ben, your players of the tournament gives hope to us all!

Mike and Stat John, let those be lessons to you.

ST, lay off Borowski - he's a good kid.

weenie said...

Germany 2-1 Portugal

France 1-1 Italy

Zidane to score first, France to win.

French air traffic controllers to go on strike in celebration....

LB said...

from Paul A out in Espana:

Italy 2 - France 1 - first scorer Henry (i reckon it could be the good old italian 1-0 but cant bring myself to bet on that!)

Germany 2 - Portugal 1 - first scorer ronaldo before being carried off with a broken leg following a slight altercation with a rogue blade of grass

LB said...

and I will go for:

Germany 2-0 Portugal (only becuase it is an absolutely pointless game and I can only see the Germans being arsed about it becuase their fans will be there)

and the big one

Italy 1-0 France. First (and only) goalscorer: Pirlo

I hope it isnt 1-0 Italy, though. I hope it is 3-3 at full time, 4-4 in extra time and someone wins it with a wonder goal in the 119th minute.

I can't see it, though.

Ben said...

Missed the 3rd / 4th playoff match, but just in time for the final...

France 1 - 2 Italy
First goalscorer: Luca Toni