Monday, July 17, 2006

Lucas Radebe for Liverpool (v Leeds United), 23 August 1999

You know when you are flicking around the internet, absent-mindedly reading articles a bit tired and hungover in search of something more interesting than the work you are supposed to be doing?

I was undertaking this most noble of pursuits this morning, when I happened upon a Manchester United fixture list.

My brain just didn't register this correctlyat all.

18 July 2006 - Manchester United v Kaizer Chiefs

It was only after a minute of slightly bewildered puzzlement that it dawned on me that we might be playing these:

and not the catchy if slightly annoying pub band. I did think it was an odd choice of friendly, considering there was no sign of us playing The Kooks on Sunday and Franz Ferdinand on Tuesday....

I hope there is decent segregation between the two sets of fans otherwise (Don't even go there - Ed).


Flash said...

I'm pretty sure that the Chief scored for Leeds & not liverpool.

And that Ed shouldn't be spoiling your fun!

LB said...

I think you'll find this was an own goal.

call yourself a Leeds fan?


Do not question the wisdom of the Cheer Up Alan Shearer blog, my boy...

Flash said...

I consider myself admonished.

weenie said...

So was there a winner to the World Cup footie prediction thingy? Did I miss it?