Monday, July 03, 2006

Thierry Henry for France (vs Brazil), 1st July 2006

How are you doing on your predictions for the two finalists? What's that? You all thought Brazil or Argentina or England would get there? Oh, well.... nevermind. See if you can do a little better with this round of predictions then.

Right, come on then... here we go:

Germany 1 - 2 Italy

Portugal 0 - 2 France

Remember, I'm looking for the score after 90 minutes here.... but if you predict a draw, I want to know who you think progresses to the final.

For bonus points, I want you to name who you think will be the first player to be booked in each match.

I think - Materazzi in the first game and Costinah in the second game.

I've also got a horrible sneaking feeling that Zidane will pick up the yellow card that would seem him suspended for the Final.... I do hope not.


Sarah said...

....checks tealeaves....

Germany 1 - 1 Italy (Germany to go through)
First player booked: Gattuso

Portugal 0 - 2 France
First player booked: Deco

adem said...

Germany 1-0 Italy
First player booked - Gattuso

Portugal 0-2 France
First player booked - Costinha

Poll Star said...

Germany 3 1 Italy
Portugal 0 2 France

Grosso to get the Italian's first card. Ronaldo to be booked in the latter (you can but hope).

Statue John said...

Germany 1-1 Italy (Germans to progress, Italians to be robbed)
First player booked - Perrota

Portugal 0-0 France (heart says France, so will go with that)
First player booked - Valente

LB said...

Germany 0-1 Italy (yawn)
Portugal 0-1 France (yawn)

First players booked. Hmmmm.

Schneider for Germany and Maniche for Portugal.

El Tel said...

Germany 1-0 Italy (bkg: Borowski)
Portugal 0-1 France (bkg: Vieira)

Me said...

Germany 1-1 Italy - Italy after extra time.
First player booked: Metzelder

Portugal 0-1 France
First booked: Makelele

Paul said...

Germany 2 - 1 Italy

Booking: Totti

France 1 - 0 Portugal

Booking: Viera

weenie said...

Germany 1-1 Italy (Germany to go thru)
First Player booked - Nesta

Portugal 0-1 France
First Player booked - Vieira

Ben said...

Germany 1 - 1 Italy (Germany to go through)
First player booked: Mertesacker

Portugal 1 - 2 France
First player booked: Meira

Charby said...

bah, keep forgetting to update.

Portugal 1 - france o