Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Zinedine Zidane for France (v Italy), 9 July 2006

OK, so just before we plan our away trips to Grimsby, moan about having appointed Mick McCarthy as manager (sorry, Swiss), wonder how big a squad Rafael Benitez needs and watch as Chelsea disappear over the horizon, we have one more World Cup issue to resolve.

The CUAS World Cup Predictions League

And this was all decided on two matches - the third place play off and the final. Ties are settled by an odd countback system of actual correct score predictions and the bonuses for Zidane being first goalscorer certainly helped...

1. Swiss Toni - 65 points
2. El Tel - 65 points
3. Sarah - 63 points
4. Mike - 62 points
5. Statue John - 56 points
6. Weenie - 54 points
7. Lord Bargain - 53 points
8. KJ - 48 points
9. Ben - 46 points
10= Paul - 45 points
10= Poll Star - 45 points
12. Charby - 44 points
13. Adem - 44 points
14. Dom - 43 points
15. Paul A - 38 points
16. Flash - 38 points

Congratulations to Swiss who pipped it with the 'Germany 3-1 Portugal' prediction, and a shout out to El Tel, Sarah and Mike who made it a close contest.

Premiership Predictions League returns in a couple of weeks. More endless nights of stats for me....


weenie said...

Ooooh, well done to the winner but bad luck to El Tel, pipped at the post!

El Tel said...

After nobbling numerous refs, Italian-style, I still get beat. Bloody marvellous.

Well done ST, and thanks LB for the statting. Good game all.

Ben said...

Congratulations ST. I can justify my poor show by pointing to the fact that I missed a few predictions. Obviously not enough to matter significantly, but all the same - an excuse is an excuse...

Dom said...

I'm gonna have to sharpen up my Predicting skills for next season - don't want to end up in the bottom 3 again!

Well Done ST

Flash said...

I'm crap & I know I am
I'm crap & I know I am
I'm crap & I know I am...

kj said...

Top half, not so bad.

Congrats to the winners, and thanks to LB and CUAS for running it.

swisslet said...