Sunday, August 07, 2005

Eric Djemba-Djemba for Man United (v Leeds United), 28 October 2003

In response to the comment by the lovely RedOne, I think it may be important to make a few things clear.

This blog isn't really intended as a results videprinter service. Flash is no Jeff Stelling (so I gather) and I am certainly no Ray Stubbs (thank Christ).

No, the idea is not for general "did you see that Oldham beat Yeovil 2-0 today" (although clearly if we get manic Oldham Athletic commentators, be my guest) but more for it to be a general football appreciation type place.

Hence posts about next weeks FC United game, the 1988 Sherpa Van final (I didn't realise there was a lot of need for cargo transport in the Himalayas. Do the Sherpa's need a lot of vans then?) and the genius of Matthew Le Tissier.

So shall we say, no results for at least 24 hours after the game? even in passing? Unwritten rule #1. (except I have just written it, but you know what I mean).

Right. what next? Apparently, not including the actual rules (seven letters, no proper nouns, duplicate letters etc), the leading points scoring Premier league footballer in Scrabble is West Brom keeper Tomasz Kuszczak (36 points). Can that be right? Apparently Aston Villa "legend" (I use "legend" as a definition for "shower of shite") Eric Djemba-Djemba is an equal second on 36 points also. (He clearly isn't in the running to win anything, not even "Cameroonian Footballer Of The Year With A Double Barrelled Surname 2005".)

any more suggestions? Surely little Manchester City legend Georgi Kinkladze scores a few points? and if you got Joey Barton on a triple word score, well, frankly anything could happen....


Mike Davis said...

so, did you see that Chelsea beat the Arse?

And did you see that second Chelsea goal?

It seems Drogba can stay on his feet! Who knew?

red one said...

I think Tomasz Kuszczak is 53 in scrabble, with Eric Djemba-Djemba on 40. Unless you are going for surnames only, in which case the West Brom keeper is indeed 36, but the MU Rowdies midfielder is behind at 34.

Have I got my pedantry in before Swiss Toni?


swisslet said...


I hate scrabble.


LB said...

Red, "ex" MU Rowdies midfielder, if you please. We're not associated with "the new Roy Keane" (ahem) any more, that's the Villa's pleasure.

red one said...

That's a pity, Swiss.

Because you've missed the chance to point out that I can't add up. On second calculations, Mr Djemba-Dejemba is indeed worth 36 on a surname only basis. And therefore 42 for the whole name.

Oops. *flushes with shame*


red one said...

Oh dear. apologies, vol II.

I forgot he is now the old new Roy Keane.


swisslet said...

another Georgian who played for city is probably worth more than Kinkladze - Mikhael Kavelashvili.

What about the former Everton winger Robert Warzycha?


Tomasz Radzinski

yeah - probably not enough z's.

Zinedine Zidane? too many vowels?

Let's mine the polish seam:

Zbigniew Boniek?

Ok. Bored now.