Monday, August 15, 2005

Hernan Crespo for Chelsea (v Wigan Athletic), 14 August 2005

Chelsea? Lucky? tsk.

Anyway, you will notice I have updated the predictions thing after the first round of games. Charby had a freakish number of correctly predicted score lines and takes an early lead. And it was her birthday (happy birthday!) and her beloved Charlton opened with a good away win.

And Flash is no doubt rueing the day he ever came up with this idea....

Keep an eye out later in the week as I'll request next weekends "wild stabs in the dark"...

(incidentally points awarded as 3 for a correct score and 1 for the correct outcome. My lack of predicting any draws cost me big time with it being Premiership 0-0 heaven).


Flash said...

go me!

Charby said...

Do I get a prize?
What a fluke!
Thanks for the b'day wishes!