Sunday, August 21, 2005

Ruud van Nistelrooy for Manchester Utd (v Aston Villa), 20 August 2005

This post could be applied to a number of teams, I am only picking on this lot because they happened to be at Glazer Field yesterday.


Aston Villa are dull. Other than the Villa fans themselves, does anyone give a flying toss in a high breeze what happens to them? Other teams you can have a soft spot for, perhaps they have one of your ex-players or a good manager, or some good flair players.

Villa have none of these things.

Their manager is a soulless, talentless ex-centre half one trick pony with one excuse (team is young and ergo inexperienced).

Their team is full of the players that induce a coma just by seeing their names. Gavin McCann. Gareth Barry. Ulises de la Cruz. Olaf Mellberg. Liam Ridgwell. Steven Davis. Eric Djemba-Djemba. Not an ounce of flair or talent amongst them.

Their style of play yesterday was awful. As increasing numbers of teams do, they set up their team to secure a 0-0 draw, and to be fair to them, they nearly got one. Four defenders, string five cloggers across the midfield and leaving Angel up front on his own. He hardly had a kick.

Like I say, it's not just Villa. I do think that the fear of relegation, the sack and the money in the game has turned the whole emphasis once more from "winning" to "not losing", hence the few 0-0's and 1-0's we have had already this season. Villa might finish sixth. They might finish sixteenth. But I don't care a jot either way. In fact I;d quite like them relegated for a laugh, along with other "big-time" dull outfits like perhaps Arsenal. or Fulham. or Boro. or Everton.


FC United of Manchester beat Padiham 3-2 in front of 2,500 at Gigg Lane, yesterday, by the way. They're top of the league on goal difference, you know....


El Tel said...

What you said - related to Boro... 'Has-Beens FC' - or rather, 'Never-Quite-Were FC'. Steve McLaren = Coma Inducer = Next England Manager. Mind you, he's learned a lot from Sven, I just hope his wife's fairly open-minded.

swisslet said...

thus speaks a season ticket holder at one of the world's biggest clubs.... for you it's a disaster if you don't finish in the top two and win a cup. You might try showing a little empathy for people who support sides with smaller aspirations.


(although, to be fair, Villa are astonishingly dull, as are a whole pile of other teams in the premiership.... dull league.....)

Alex said...

That has to be the most patronising article I have read.

Typical ManUre self rightious and pompousity.

And people have been saying that we Forest fans have been arrogant. Jeeze how bloody arrogant is that diatribe!?!

It's attitudes and comments like this that Glazer wants to hear. Why should ManU bother to play "dull teams" like Fulham or Villa...when they can play exciting teams like Real Madrid and Inter? Lets forget all about national leagues altogether and just concentrate on an "exciting" European "Super-League".

's funny...I thought the idea behind the Premiership was to have an "exciting" super league, but "big" money and "big" teams have killed that haven't they.

(Sorry I went off on one there didn't I.)

weenie said...

How about updating the predictions league, to get all this 'dullness' out of our system...? :)

red one said...

FC United of Manchester beat Padiham 3-2 in front of 2,500 at Gigg Lane, yesterday, by the way. They're top of the league on goal difference, you know...

Ahh, top of the table on goal difference - I know just how it feels!

Please excuse my moment of gloating pleasure. These things really don't happen that often to Spurs fans.


Alex said...

Hey Weenie, good call, but you'll still be loads behind me! ;-)

I hope...

LB said...

hold on a minute.

I don't think I was being pompous at all. Our new wonder-system involves playing one striker, three defensive minded midfielders and a couple of random others (Park Ji-Sung and Rooney on Saturday).

We scored less goals last season than any other season since we have been in the Premiership.

We're dull as well. I have actually started not going to every game any more as gone are the days we'd see a few goals and a bit of excitement. It's weird, a 1-0 win on Saturday - we're the new Arsenal and Arsenal are playing all the football and are the new United.

I'm not at all saying I'd rather be playing Real Madrid or Inter. I'm saying that I wish the days would return when teams like Aston Villa can compete and turn up at Old Trafford with a will and an ambition to win the game, not simply to hold on for a bore draw.

Like I say, it's not just Villa. In fact on the whole the whole bloody league is turning out to be dull (see smaller attendances so far this season already).

It's not a disaster for me personally if we don't win anything. I'm like anyone else, I'd rather we win than we didnt but I think the fact we're on the wane is (bizarrely) quite an interesting time to be going.

Alex, i totally agree with you. Big money and big teams have killed the whole thing. Between 1985 and 1995, thirteen different teams finished in the top 3 of the "first/Premier" division. Between 1995 and 2005 that number was six. Six teams have contested the Premiership title for ten years and frankly, that sucks. And they say Scottish football is boring.

Yes I am a United fan. Often I wish I wasn't because of the stereotypes and resentment everyone else in football has towards us. But I do think as United fans go that I have a healthy sense of awareness about how we've turned football into this giant cash cow and that we are arrogant and have done things that other fans don't like, so if it seemed patronising, it wasn't intended to be.

weenie said...

Alex, think I'm still behind you but catching up... :)

red one said...

Other teams you can have a soft spot for, perhaps they have one of your ex-players or a good manager, or some good flair players.Villa have none of these things

Not that I'd want to stir things up any further...

*cackles wickedly*

...but this isn't true.

Villa have one of these things. That fab former Glazer Allstar, Eric Djemba Djemba.


red one said...

Listen, the thing with footie is you get good matches and bad matches. After a comprehensive viewing of MoTD and MoTD 2 this weekend, I didn't think any of the matches typified brilliant flowing football.

Perhaps it's early in the season and no-one's got their rhythm together yet. Maybe it's just coincidence, because normally you get some matches with gorgeous beautiful flowing football and some that are a bit of a long haul with clogs on - a mixed bill over the weekend.

People always rush to say how dull it all is after a relatively cloggy weekend especially early in the season. But I reckon give it a chance. Yes, some teams do go for the, er, functional. But many don't - and they're not all the big rich clubs either. There'll be plenty of flair and dazzle this season, I reckon.

Personally, I'm enjoying being TOP OF THE LEAGUE thanks to a team of 73 midfielders and a cult-figure manager.

Smile, kids. It's fun really, you know.

Alex said...

If I suggested that you'd said Man U would rather play Inter and Real, I am a victim of poor writing. No - that is exactly what Glazer is thinking. Why bother with all this "mediocrity" when there are other big teams out there.

And that's how he's going to get back that £500 million...

LB said...

aah, Red, what I should have said is "an ex player that you liked/respected/was any f*cking good".

how he got anywhere near the Unted line up is beyond me. he looked out of his depth in a midfield alongside Gavin McCann for heavens sake.

and Alex, you are so right. The first step on the road to us sodding off out of the Premiership altogether is when we start negotiating our own TV deal, and then the European Super League will rear its head again...

On an unrelated note, it was interesting to see that the United fan's chant on Saturday had changed from "one-nil in your Cup Final" to "one-nil in your Superbowl".

swisslet said...

It's all very worthy, of course, but is it just me, or is "FC United of Manchester" the most leaden and pretentious name for a football team ever?

it's rubbish.

The world's your bloody oyster. You can pick anything, any name at all.

And you opt for that.

dear oh dear.


(and I'd just like to say in David O'Leary's defence that he was actually a very good centre-half - considerably better than Wes Brown anyway)

weenie said...

Hmm...Baros seems to be on his way to Villa now. Watch him suddenly start banging the goals in.
Or not.

Charby said...

Update the predictions league!!!!!!!

I NEEED To know how badly I've done this week!

Alex said...

Too right!

Get it updated dudes!

I am almost getting excited...almost!

swisslet said...

don't look at me, we are all awaiting the indulgence of the Barg....