Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Michael Ricketts for Leeds United (vs Oldham Athletic), 23rd August 2005

I've been a bit AWOL from these parts lately so I thought I'd pop by with some

First though a couple of nuggets of randomness:

Liverpool (European champions, remember) were utter plop last night, weren't they?

Michael Ricketts actually scored a goal for Leeds Utd!

Also last night one scoreline in particular caused much mirth. I apologise, for I know some readers will probably cry like girls when they see it again.

Nottingham Forest 2 - 3 Macclesfield town

Tee hee.
Thing is, I actually have quite a soft soft for Forest. Stems from the legend that was Cloughy & the fact that best mate supports them. Second to Elland Road, The City Ground is the stadium I have been to the most.
The beauty of this though is thus: because they are a friends team I can get untold amounts of pleasure from taking the piss! And come on that's one of the best things about footy, isn't it?
Especially when your team has inflicted the damage, Right Swiss?

That said, in the wake of saturday's home defeat at the hands of the mighty Scunthorpe I just haven't got the heart to tease him anymore.
So instead I had enormous amounts of fun at the expense of the only QPR fan I've ever known.
Fancy losing 3-0 to the cobblers!
(As he is the only one I've ever known, I have to wonder if they are all delusional or if it's just him. We've even got a 20 riding on who will finish highest this season. Easy money!)
And I've only just started to lay off on the 6-1 mauling my boys dished out to them last year!

Somewhere back at the beginning of this post, it was all supposed to lead neatly into teams that you quite like for no real good reason. Which hasn't happened, so let me lead messily into teams that you quite like for no real good reason.

I have a few dotted throughout the divisions.
The one club that I've always had a soft spot for though is Norwich City.
I've never known why, perhaps it's the kit.
It became carved in stone after they larrupped Bayern Munich on their own turf that time.
Jeremy Goss' goal? Blimey!

So am I alone or does anyone else have these little soft spots, & if so, who for?


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swisslet said...

would you look at that. No spam at all, and then Flash pops up and we get loads.


I have a soft spot for West Ham and Forest, mainly because a couple of my friends are lifelong fans of them and I always keep an eye out for their results. I'm sure there are others as well.

Of Non-British teams, I keep an eye out for Madrid and Roma, mainly.


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Charby said...


I'm very fond of Derby and Wednesday for obvious reasons and I look out for the scores from teams that I know my mates support.

Dom said...

I have almost as intense feelings for Celtic, as I do for Forest - so slightly more than a soft spot there!.

Otherwise, somewhat ironically(after last night) Macclesfield. What's worse is it stems from a league cup game as well, 2 seasons ago saw them on sky against Sheff Utd & was impressed with their style of play.

Sheff Wednesday
Abroad:- Barca & Inter.

Good job you didn't ask for teams I irrationally dislike it'd take about 4 posts!

swisslet said...

delete the spam man!

LB said...

I have soft spots for Brighton (a friend of mine supports them and I have had a couple of great days/nights out at Brighton games), Bury (my local team for a spell), Forest (as above), Barcelona (as my family lived there) and Willem II Tilburg (no idea why, but I got to go to Tilburg during Euro 2000).

El Tel said...

Got the utmost respect for both of the Cloughs... remember with much fondness the FOREST of Nigel Clough, Roy Keane, Des Walker, Stuart Pearce et al. Sir Brian - top fella, I wept a man tear when I saw the speech made by Nigel at the old boy's Pride Park memorial service. Always good to see Nigel's BURTON ALBION doing well.

Other than that, SUNDERLAND, HARTLEPOOL, LEEDS, STOKE (all former local teams) and I think I'm on the brink of a Stuart Pearce related MAN CITY phase - I used to detest the pretenders of Man City. Oh, and AZ ALKMAAR (had a great trip over there a couple of years back).

Also got a soft spots for Kylie Minogue and Charlotte Church, but they're whole different matter.

weenie said...

Ok nothing to do with this post but here are my predictions as I may not have time to do them tomorrow:

West Brom 2-1 Birmingham
Aston Villa 2-1 Blackburn
Fulham 1-1 Everton
Man City 2-1 Portsmouth
Spurs 1-1 Chelsea
West Ham 2-1 Bolton
Wigan 1-1 Sunderland
Middlesboro 1-1 Charlton

I notice that Charby had Birmingham playing at home, when it's the other way round. Plus she missed off the North London derby of Spurs v Chelski. As she's away, perhaps someone can predict this one for her.

swisslet said...

charlotte church? really?

El Tel said...

Yes, Charlotte Church, really. Such a... healthy-looking young woman.

Anonymous said...

(Not Spam! Change your settings to stop spam - though people have to enter code to comment)

Also Norwich too. In the early 80s, I attended one of their summer football schools for talented kids, sorry I mean for kids delusionally thinking they had a talent, adn persuaded the folks to send us away with my new England kit (France '82 one)and my Leeds kit to play footy all week. I got dead legged half way through the week and could hardly kick the ball. Curses!

Strange thing was, they promptly agreed I was deluded, but look what happened to them after that rejection! Yeh!

But I'm not bitter - but will be if they beat us on Saturday though.

PS Leeds 2 Wolves 0!

Alex said...

I have a soft spot for CHelski actually. Have done for ages. Mainly cos an old mate of mine was an Arse fan, and it was fun to be able to wind him up a little.

I also have a bit of a soft spot for Wolves - I've even been to see them as a "neutral" fan in the past.

And then there is Sevilla - not local at all, but I spent a wonderful 3 weeks there once and have been back a couple of times since.

As for "soft spots" for Kylie, errrrr I wouldn't say "soft" would be the right word...

kj said...

I'm a Minnesota Thunder and Norwich City fan, but I also have soft spots, usually for no good reason, some for particular players. Some include the Chicago Fire (those years with Beasley, Nowak, Razov, etc) , Man City (they're not ManU, and they've got Claudio Reyna), Fulham (Brian McBride), Wigan (I love a good underdog with a heady coach) and PSV (DeMarcus Beasley).