Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Ole Gunnar Solksjaer for Man Utd (v Bayern Munich), May 26 1999

Welcome to the Cheer Up Alan Shearer "all things football" blog.

Cheer up Alan Shearer
Oh what can it mean
To a sad Geordie bastard
And a shit football team...

The English season starts in three days. Bring it on.....


Anonymous said...

a blog dedicated to soccerball? Bring it on. I love soccerball and I have supported the MU Rowdies of Manchesterton for a couple of months now. It's a great sport, and I'd hate to piss all over it's heritage.

I'm so looking forward to the new season, and I've been swatting up on my football sayings:

- It's a game of 4 quarters, played 2 quarters at a time

- the game official's assistant is a wanker (what's that, by the way?)

- garbage stadium, few supporters

- Spurs have a good chance this year, don't they?

- and Newcastle

Bring it on.



weenie said...

Hear hear Mr Glazer. You think with your dollars that United will actually win something this season? The betting's that you'll be playing catch up to the big three, ie Chelsea, Gooners and Mighty Scouse European Champs... ;)

Ben said...

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. A Man Utd fan, eh? I just hope Swiss Toni isn't One Of Them too. Taking the piss out of Newcastle won't get you far with me, but I'll overlook it this once and add CUAS to the Black & White & Read All Over blogroll. Play nicely now...

Paul Perkins said...

Malcolm, about the ticket prices...

red one said...

Heh heh, Malcolm Glazer.

You're not wrong about Spurs though.

(NB My blog name is not football related. Obviously.)