Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Morten Gamst Pedersen for Blackburn Rovers (v Fulham), 20 August 2005

what a scorcher that one was, eh?


Predictions Table Updated. It's close at the top, a 10 point haul for Dom lifts him into second behind Charby who still leads the way. Welcome to Mike also who isn't bottom even though he missed the first week....!

Midweek games too complicated so the next set will be for this weekends Premiership games, later this week.


Rufus fan said...

Still second from bottom then.

Great. Even Stoke are doing better than me at the moment. Who'da thunk it?

(and - ok ST - looks like my registration might have worked...)

Charby said...

I'm going away this weekend so can I post my weekend predictions early?

El Tel said...

My dismal 4 point haul last weekend was down to me wearing the wrong colour shirt at the time of my making my predictions. Next weekend things will be different.

LB said...

Charby, of course you can.

El Tel - utilising an old Manchester United excuse won't wash over here...

Charby said...

Whoooo! Can I make it 3 weeks at the top or will my reign by finally over?

Birmingham 1 - West Brom 1.
Boro 0 - Charlton 1.
Villa 2 - Blackburn 1.
Fulham 0 - Everton 2.
Man City 1 - Pompey 0.
West Ham 0 - Bolton 1.
Wigan 1 - Sunderland 0.
Newcastle 0 - Man U 1

Dom said...

Great week I'll enjoy it while I can!!.

YorkshireTricky said...

Good to see I'm doing a realistic impression of Forest at the moment. I might get my dog to do the predictions in future he'd probably be better than I am.

Flash said...

Hey, I'm still shit!

Charby said...

You sound surprised Flash.....

Alex said...

I blame the ref. Well I would if there was one. Which there isn't. So I shall instead say that it was a game of two halfs and football was a winner in the end...Ahhhhhhhhh football, lads in the park, jumpers for goalposts, cross it in to me, it's a header. That was over the bar, no it wasn't...

Or something.

Rufus fan said...

Got to copy Charby, if that's ok. (not literally - though, given the difference in our fortunes so far, that might not be a bad idea...)

I'm off for a long weekend of waiting for the rain to stop at Trent Bridge....

Birmingham 0 - West Brom 0.
Boro 1 - Charlton 1.
Villa 2 - Blackburn 2.
Fulham 1 - Everton 2.
Man City 2 - Pompey 1.
West Ham 0 - Bolton 2.
Wigan 1 - Sunderland 1.
Newcastle 0 - Man U 2